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How can I marketing my gig?

I couldn’t reached my first buyer. How I can marketing my gig and get my first order??


There is only one way - to be visible in Fiverr key search
Everything else is useless and waist of time including social etc. (often, but not always)
Simply logic


Bad advice.

Everyone is affected by search, however I still have 35-55 orders in my queue every day.

I use social media and messageboards that are designed for people in my niche. I have no shortage of customers because every day I market myself and I work hard.

The logic dictates that you will get out of Fiverr what you put in. If you are just expecting to post a gig and the money flow to you, you’ll be here a while. You got to work for it.


Are you sure they are from social ?

If yes I will admit that I’m not right

The simple logic is:

When my Gig was visible I got orders with NO star 5ers

Simply now it’s invisible for people

If I will promote myself in Socials - what’s the reason for me to bring them here?

For example: You are not visible in Fiverr & visible in social

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I’m positive they are. They reference the post when they order. Just like on the message boards and forums they’ll order saying “I saw your post on xxxx” or “I heard about this through xxxx”


I don’t just randomly post on facebook and twitter, I make sure that I’m posting where it isn’t spam and where there are people who are actively searching for what I offer too.


So, people see you there and you bring them here

Wonderful …

I used Facebook Ad to promote my Gigs.My posts reached many thousands and attracted many likes. But I did not get any order out of my Facebook campaigns which were targeted to very relevant audiences.
I can not conclude that social medias do not help out of only my experiences.
People are talking much about adding videos to Gigs. I have ordered some animation videos for my Gigs

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These are my gig

can you check it that is it ok??

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The most important thing is simply to be visible in Fiverr’s search.
Even with NO star 5er

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Use your all social media like FB, twitter, G+, pntarest to share your gig.

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If you want help you need to make a post under your own heading in the category “Improve My Gig”.

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Try to create offer (offer for this week, month,) package
post it on gig forum
and send buyer request

I am new in fiverr.Its a quite helpful tip for promoting anyone gig .I will try it.

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uncarved Thanks for sharing your thought, keep going on…

If you’re a beginner, the best answer will be is to use buyer requests. I got my first order few months ago I guess and it came from Buyer request. And as other folks said, use social media to market your gig in the right place and do not spam as it give negative review to others about your gig.
And also don’t forget to use Keywords, your gig title & description wisely.
Have a nice day!

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Quora is not a marketing site. Posting promotional or marketing content could be seen as spam, and spam will get your comments – or your account – deleted.

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Oh! sorry. Please delete the comment not account.

Do you mind sharing where do you market yourself?