How Can I modify an offer to a buyer request?


Hello! When I was aswering a buyer request I push accidentaly the button to send it. Obviously, I didn’t finish to write what I’ll offer to this buyer and I want to modify my answer. Is it possible? How can we do that?

Thanks you very much.



I am sorry to say you cannot modify an offer to buyer request. :slightly_frowning_face:


Well, I’ll be more carefull next time :disappointed_relieved:.
Thank you so much for asnwering.


its not possible.but you may delete it


How can I delete it?


sorry . i recently cheked it. fiverr update their rulse .last time i was delete it . but now updating their site its not possible


Thanks for trying to help me, as I said to vickiespencer I’ll be more careful next time.