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How can I move my Gig to the top of the list?

How can I move my Gigs to the top of the list so they’re seen?

Hard work!!

There are quite a few resources around Tips For Sellers that can help you rank your gig a little better. You should do some forum searches on seo, keywords, and maybe ranking factors. You’ll gain a wealth of knowledge from those alone.

Ultimately though - it takes a lot of hard work, good customer service, and promoting yourself everywhere you can.

Yes, while we all want to be on the top, it appears to be harder than I thought. Even after months presence on fiverr and trying to do some things to rank better, my gig is still nowhere to be found :slight_smile:

But my tip for you would be, not just try on fiverr, but try to advertise your gig outside fiverr. Social media will be great starting point.

More traffic to your gig will put you above on search also add better tags, key words and use title wording in description and tags also.