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How can I offer free gigs and is it a good idea?

Hi, I want to offer a few free gigs in order to get feedback and rating, is that possible? and is it a good idea?

I am making a world cup themed mobile game “booth” similar to jibjab

It’s not possible.

It’s an awful idea. There is no mean to offer free service just to get feedback and rating.

People are here to work to earn money to sustain their lives.

If it was allowed, it could break fiverr.

Instead getting worried about getting reviews, you should try get worried how to promote yourself (inside and outside fiverr), so you could get some clients and probably some reviews, and the BEST you will still get paid for the work you do.


Just to extend on why it’s not possible:

You need to place an order to get the right to review a seller and the minimum amount for an order is $5 ($7 after fees), so to offer your service for free, you`d have to do it outside Fiverr and therefore would have no impact on your profile here.

What sellers do to build up their profile is offer a discounted rate in the beginning. So if you would normally charge $X to develop a mobile game, then start by offering this service for a fraction of your normal rate.

There are tons of good information on the forum for new sellers, so read up for a bit and you’ll come up with better solutions to get you started on Fiverr.

Good luck!


Thanks so much, I just published my gig for $5 Its a customizable mobile game (soccer with friends faces)