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How can i offer revisions as upsells?

How can I offer revisions as upsells?


Why would you want to offer additional revisions as an upsell? A revision is meant to be a corrective change to whatever you deliver, requested by a buyer. The goal, of course, is to not need to use any revisions to begin with.

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but if my initial gig offers only one revision but if buyer need more revision how can i offer them.

You can add purchased revisions to your order, by presenting your buyer with an order add-on. In the message section (where you can send an in-order message to the buyer), you will see the option to add an order extra. Click that button/link, and fill out the pop-up “form”. When you are finished, press the send offer button. The offer will then appear in your communication with the buyer, and they can choose to accept or decline that offer.

Your buyer must agree to the offer, before it becomes part of the order. You, as a seller, are not able to automatically add new services to the order. Order upgrades are always mutual.