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How can I offer unlimited revisions without buyer abusing it?


I offer unlimited revisions in my explainer video gig because I really want buyers to be happy with the video.
I thought it was obvious that unlimited revisions mean fixing mistakes or changing something they didn’t like about the video. Maybe if some part in the video wasn’t clear or something like that…
But apparently, it’s not so obvious as I thought.
They request changes too many times, each time different things, ask me to change details they provided and add new ideas to the video.
And when I try explaining politely that it doesn’t mean I will work for free for the rest of my life:) They are not satisfied. What should I do?


You should first of all explain in your gig descriptions (and possibly in your gig video) what “revisions” mean/include, what “unlimited” means.

Also, if the buyer asks to change the order requirements, they already agreed that the info they provided was accurate and complete, and any changes to the requirements will need additional charges (they have a checkbox that they tick for that - use that to your advantage like I did and upgraded the order)


by limiting revisions and adding gig extra call “additional revisions”


If a customer has to ask a revision more than 3 times then believe me, they are not happy.

  • If you’re good at what you do then you shouldn’t need to do unlimited revisions.
  • If your customer is not able to explain what they need and continue asking for revisions then they are wasting your time.

My recommendation is to stop offering unlimited revisions


Limiting revisions won’t do anything, buyers can still abuse them.


Exactly my though, but on the other side there are buyers whose eyes have a bling when they see the word “unlimited” - although I reckon these would most likely be the cheaper/est buyers.


you mean that GiG option call "Number of revisions offer"not working?


Exactly :slight_smile: Not sure if you wish to deal with such buyers


Yes, it’s[quote=“subaro665, post:7, topic:153054, full:true”]
you mean that GiG option call "Number of revisions offer"not working

Exactly, it doesn’t have any effect on the “request modification” button - it’s purely informational for your buyers and potential buyers to get an idea of how many revisions you offer, but they can request unlimited revisions even if you set to 0 or 1.


so you must fix that gig option to
"number of revisions offer = number of times that buyer can click the modification button"
so after all revisions done by seller then that “request modification” button must be locked till buyer add gig extras for additional revisions?


Thank you all:) I actually do it to give the buyer confidence that they can trust me, and that the product will be good. I kinda though that as a buyer I might want to have unlimited revisions wich makes sure I will be happy with the result. I’m afraid if I will change it to 3 revisions, it will scare them in some way. Maybe I’m wrong…


If I’d see “unlimited revisions”, I would think that the seller isn’t confident about their skills to make a buyer happy, that they require many revisions to give the expected work and satisfy the buyer.

If, on the other hand, I see 3 revisions, then I know that the buyer knows his stuff, that they are confident on their skills and those limited revisions are like a promise to satisfy the buyer.


I offer 0 revisions - if I make a mistake, I’m happy to correct it. Works for me! :slight_smile:


Exactly what @Woofy31 said. (I was just about to say the same thing :smiley: )


as Woofy31 said before
limiting revisions will not work because buyer can click the modification button UNLIMITED times

he must fix this
as said before “number of revisions offer in the gig = number of times that buyer can click the modification button”


Limiting revisions will not prevent the buyer from asking for more, but at least your gig will explicitly state how many revisions are included at the gig’s price. And asking for more will give you a chance to show the buyer what your gig pages states, and thus charge more because the buyer agreed to that number when they ordered (that’s what the special checkbox in the instructions is for).


yes but buyer still can click the modification button UNLIMITED times
that must be fixed?


Sellers have requested it to be changed ever since it was implemented, but Fiverr still hasn’t changed the way it works (or doesn’t work). If you search on the forum for “request modification”, you will see how many sellers have complained about it. You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last :slight_smile:


They can request a revision as often as they like but after they use the 1,2,3 etc revisions you offer, then when they hit the button again you start sending custom extras for them to accept before you start on the revision. If they want to pay for 20 more revisions then let them but you will find that having to pay for each one makes them a lot more careful to be specific and get it right.


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