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How can I partially refund a buyer

My buyer has paid me extra unknowingly and she wants the extra back !! how can I refund here!

This is something you have to contact customer service for - I wish we had control over this because in the instance of your case but also the buyer changes the scope and or I over-quote on accident and need to refund.

This happened to me with a buyer. He was a regular buyer so I told him he had a credit with me and the next time he ordered, the cost of the gig was reduced.

If you think that your buyer will purchase again, maybe you can offer them this solution.

Or you can refund the whole thing and then have the buyer purchase the gig for the exact price.

Be careful though, how did the buyer “unknowingly” pay extra? Just want to make sure you are not being scammed in some way. How much does your gig cost, how much did they pay you, and how much are they asking for a refund?

It’s faster and probably better to request a mutual cancellation and ask the customer to purchase again for the correct amount. Customer service can slow things down, and unless this is a repeat customer who trusts you (and vice versa) I wouldn’t recommend trying to keep tabs on an unused balance.