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How can I pass my available money in fiveer to my PayPal account?


I have available money in fiveer but I don’t didnt find the option to to pass this money to PayPal and get this money to my card bank. The money is about a gig that a bought that was cancelled.


If I got you right, a cancelled Gig does not translate to funds.


great choice paypal the securest way ! and i can tell how i do it maybe this will help you :slight_smile: first make sure you have enough funds on you fiverr wallet then attache the wallet to a paypla account if the button shows active you can click and get funds transferred if there is an issue with that fiverr team will more then happy to assist you fix it .

thank you hop this is very basic and doable !


If the seller haven’t done the job and I pay the money, this money available can’t be transfer to my account?! It is not posible this money is mine… and I want this money to my personal account. I have 28$ available


this is a special case here is what you can do . pls contact the buyer let him open a case on fiverr support center . and if you can win the case in your favor you be eligible to get the funds other wise there is no hope on that .


O already contar with fiver and with the seller. The money is already available in my fiver account but I don’t see the option to pass to my paypal…


if its a bug pls report the bug . make sure in the fiverr costumer support to select bug report :smiley:


The gig had been cancelled about the seller. I have to pass my money to PayPal but with the móvil app I don’t find this option…


no need to post anymore this is going out of what fiverr can do ! so good luck !