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How Can I Pause a Gig without affect my position?


I want to ask something really important, approx on July I will travel for more than 40 days and I won’t be able to complete orders from my gigs, so could I pause my gigs without it affects my position? Thank you very much for answering, greetings.


Reply to @zeus777: Tag?




I have been in the same situation before and since I have heard stories about

their level being taken away after closing the gig for some amount of time,

I was away on a business trip for about 4 weeks, so I contacted CS and let them

know about my situation. they replied telling me that they will put a “tag” on my account so my level won’t be taken away.

I was away for nearly a month, and I still had my status when I came back.

Just inform CS, I’m sure they can help you out :slight_smile:



i think you can increase delivery days on your gigs to protect your position and add a message to your gig description explaining your status.



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Reply to @nab_aziz:

What I did was suspend my gig, but

before doing so I contacted CS and let them know that I will be away for a while.

The CS staff placed this “tag” on my account and told me that this “tag” will prevent other fiverr staffs from taking away my status.

So yes, I did suspend my gig, but I think “suspend” and “place a tag” are

two different things. :slight_smile: