How can i post a request?


I do post a request. But that request was declined? How to solve it?


It’s hard to tell without knowing what, exactly, you have tried to post.

If you have tried to advertise your service in the BR section, you have violated the rules.


i think you send seller request as buyer request.


So whats the solution?


How can I tell you what’s the solution, when you’re not telling me what did you try to post?


i will try to post a seller request.


You’re not allowed to advertise your services in the BR section. BR is for BUYERS to post what they need done, and then sellers send them their offers. If you keep trying to advertise yourself in BR, Fiverr might ban you.

So, the solution is to stop trying to advertise your services in BR. When you see a request and think that you can do the job, send an offer to the buyer.


I understand. and thanks to you for your instruction.