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How can I post an answer when a buyer give a review?

I am new here.
Could you explain me how I can reply to a buyer who gave a review on my gig ?

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Hi and welcome!
Nothing specific in return I think, it supposed to show your experience with the buyer just as the buyer did by reviewing you previously. When a five stars rate is done by a buyer or a seller reviewing back a buyer without writing a review, “Outstanding Experience” sentence appears. But certainly saying “thank you” is enough :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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with a review or contact the buyer! in the inbox :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answers but that’s not exactly what I was waiting. But, since I posted my question I have discovered a bit more this website and I have understood that what I want is not possible.

When a buyer leave a review, I can comment what he wrote but we can only see this comment on the page of the Gig. I thought that my comment would appear also on my profile page and that’s what I was trying to do but it’s not possible.