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How Can I Pre-Fund My Account?


I want to pre-fund my account with $500.
How can I do that?


You can’t. There’s no way to do it.


Well, that is the most idiotic, ridiculous policy fiverr has. Literally the only company on the planet that doesn’t want to take our money.

Hey FIVERR please read this and tape it to the wall in your CEO’s office.
I suggest we all move to another service.


And why would you want to pre-fund your account? You can just as easly use Paypal or your Credit card when ordering a service, and I see no point in what you’re suggesting. You seem very angry about this. Can you explain why exactly you feel this is such an important feature to have? Considering you’d leave the platform because of this, it must be a mission-critital feature for you to have.


Why? If I want to buy something from Amazon, I don’t pre-fund my account, and they’re doing pretty well.

In fact I can’t think of any website I use where it’s an option?


Possibly because, if he could pre-fund his account, he wouldn’t have to pay processing fees whenever he buys something.

Still, I don’t see it as a reason to abandon Fiverr.


Possibly, but if 50 cent is the problem this whole thing is ridiculous in my opinion.


It’s $1 at least. If he orders 100 $5 gigs, he pays additional $100 in the processing fees.


I’m inclined to think that Fiverr still would charge the same amount if they had pre-funding as an option. But it’s all speculation at this point. I’m just curious to find out why the OP feels so strongly about this.


If you set up a team account you can make it work.


I use team account at $100 at a time

$100 + 5% processing fee = $105.00.

I can buy up to 20 - $5.00 gigs & gratuity without paying another fee.

I save $15.

Every transaction = fee; including the tip that is given at end of order.

I have a business, I just finished doing my spreadsheet from last year - like 5 minutes ago (coincidence). Without team account, I would have have paid additional $200 in transaction fees. I can see the OP’s point.

Nickrey - Create a team account, you’ll save lots of money if you do transactions in small amounts or have a business and need others to buy from your account.


I totally forgot about the Team Account feature, thanks for the reminder (and for correcting me)!


Thank you for mentioning the Team Account.

I went to that area, and it says Get Started.
I click on Create Team and I get this error page.

{“error”:“invalid team name”}


Just type in “Nick Rey Account” into the Team Name Section until you can make something up later. Unlike your username, you can change your Team Account name later on.

It’s been awhile since I’ve set up my Team Account, so things may have changed, but it may send you a confirmation after you give it a name.