How can i promote my #fiverr gig best way?


i want to know how can i got a million traffic in my gig ?


5 SEO Tips to Help You Improve Your Gig Traffic

Read this :blush:


A million people visiting your gig? You certainly dream big, don’t you. :wink:

If you want a million people to be visiting your gig, you are going to need to:

  • Produce a television commercial and air it during the Super Bowl.
  • Produce multiple television commercials repeating during popular programs.
  • Have multiple ads running in multiple media sources.
  • Purchase prime radio spots on popular broadcast programs.

In most cases, that should net you “a million traffic in [your] gig”.

Good luck!


Offer something big, like “How to became the next USA president in 30 days”.

Jokes apart, you can get millions of people but you have to first find that niche on fiverr which is more than millions of people are searching for.

Then offer something very attractive and useful. After that promote your services like a madman.

BOOM :boom: - a million traffic.

Best of luck!


What makes you think I was joking?