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How Can i Promote My GIG as Featured?


Hello There.
Can Anyone Suggest me How Can I promote My GIG as Featured ?

Thank You .


Your GiGs will never get featured until you achieve level 2.


featured gig is only chosen by fiverr team only. he/she choose manually. gig featured depends on various factor. thanks


No. Forum is not a place for promoting your gigs.


he has just asked a question


To be as featured seller, first you have to be Level 2 Seller. After that, Fiverr selects top sellers based on their criteria, and they appear on first page.


thanx everyone for Suggest me


Have you tried promoting your Gigs in “My Fiverr Gigs”? =>

It can be a good start.


Featured gigs don’t have anything to do with levels. There are plenty of newcomers who had their gigs featured on the main page.
All featured gigs are selected by fiverr editorial team.