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How can I promote my GIG, Like increasing clicks or views

Please check my profile,
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share you gigs on social media and stay online as much as you can on forum…


if mobile app online is usefull?


yeah its useful but for views and clicks you have to online here on forum and participate in discussion. and share your experiences.


and send at least 10 buyer requests everyday to get your first order. stay online on mobile app too for view buyer requests.


how to send buyer request?


in app you can go on your account and there you’ll see the buyer requests option so you can check anytime and when you see the request then send your proposal to them…!

And In Pc you can go in profile and there you can see the MORE option so click it and you’ll see buyer requests option.


Hi, my buyers request is always empty anytime i want to send buyers request. Please what is the cause?


Mine was empty yesterday but then i kept looking and i saw 2

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i just checked,but it is empty.when the buyer requst comes?

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make at least 3 or more gigs about your services…

and look I’m here since last 1 month and Before 10 days i was not able to see the request too. then i create my gigs more.

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yeah you have to stay online and check requests again and again

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There’s not fix time for that… you have to stay online as much as you can and see the request again and again in 20 minutes gap…

My request is always empty, I use to every time no request at all, am into graphic designs; could that be the cause ?

iam a new fiverr member. then i created only 1 gig.
if any chance to get order?

I only have 2 gigs created for my service could that be the reason?

look if you have 3 or more gigs then you’ll find buyer requests soon… otherwise if you have only one gig so when buyer send their request about your category and that time you will not online so you’ll not found request later… that is why 3 or more gigs are good chances to get buyer requests.

how many years are you in fiverr?

no i have only 3 gigs right now… it’s not problem but the buyers are mostly from UK, USA, CANADA so time difference is the big matter… so you have to stay online according to their office time…!
but it is not necessary that every buyer post their requests In office time…!

stay online on forum and App and check again and again.

not much from last 1 month but i got knowledge from here on forum… in group discussions.