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How can I promote my gig on social media?

Hello everyone, I am a new seller on Fiverr. I want to expand my gig on different social medial. Can you please tell me the process how can I share my gig so that I can get an order easily?


I also want to know about this. Please cen help any one?

you share your gig on social media.

sharing continually and without reasons can be considered spam. you need to have followers, people interested in your skills, services and abilities. I’ve got as example a musician page on Facebook with about 15000 followers. It’s clear they want to be updated about my services. So if I update a GIG, as example, can be a good reason to send a notice to my followers. While sending here and there messages just to advertise you is considered spam. So always think carefully before posting something


Greetings, You can describe your service and insert your gig link in the middle of your description. Also if you see anyone looking for a service which you’re good at, you can send the gig link so, there will be a chance of order.

I’m new to Fiverr too. To promote your gigs on different social media platforms, you need different strategies. Each platform is different, so are their rules. Most platforms consider continuous posting as spam, & you may get blocked for this. Quora only allows you to post once in 24 hrs. And this is totally, different for Twitter, Instagram or FB.

So, you need to first, know your social media platform better. Learn about it, try it & then do the promotion :+1:


Thank you so much for your valuable reply. I have now clear many things.

you can share your gig on facebook, instagram, twitter and many fiverr promote groups on facebook

share your gig on social media like Facebook ,twitter, linkedln .

you may share your gig carefully not continuously.
spending some more times regularly on forum too.

share gig but Don’t make spam.