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How can i Promote my gig or Paid gig


Everyone i have one question i’m a level one seller but haven’t received orders on my logo gig since long time. I have try sending buyer request an haven’t got any luck. Now i want paid promotion for my logo gig. Kindly share me the procedure how can i promote my gig to get order.
Is Paid Promotion is worth it to engage buyer to give order on my gig?
I want proper details about gig promotion


Ads, SEO, there are even gigs on Fiverr to promote Fiverr gigs! Also, for logo designing, opening an account on Twitter and Instagram and uploading your work there every once in a while! Hope you get an order soon! :slight_smile:

is there any paid promotion available in fiverr?

Well, no, not really! But like I said, there are people with gigs who will promote your gig!

how is that possible

if you use the option scale your business? hows its work if i get order after i selected scale your business. and how much fiverr will deduct. Now fiverr is deducted 20% on earning

I’m not really sure, but I think it takes 20% extra. But, you can just share your link and ask someone to order through your link, not the scale-your-business one.

can i use this platform to gain reviews and order once i get order i will stop this ?

if you type, gig promotion. There are a lot of service

What? I suppose you mean buyer reviews and that really doesn’t matter!

You can share your gig other social platform and marketing your gig.So that u will knock more client and more order.