How can i promote my gig to get my first order?


Hi, i am new seller ,Please help me to get my first can i promote my gig? I don’t know how to promote.


check out the tips for sellers


Welcome!! keep sharing your gigs to your social accounts. But for beginners the most effective thing is to keep sending offers/quotes to buyer requests. I’ll help you the most to get orders. It may take time at the beginning, but don’t loose patience. GOOD LUCK!!


Hello there! One way to improve the chances of you getting orders and reviews is to ensure that you use the most appropriate keywords when creating your gigs (if you did not do this, you can still go back and edit). Look at your gig and make sure that you have your keyword in your title and you inco-operate this keyword in whichever other way you can. So, for example, if you are a Graphic Artist, be sure to include these terms in your “Keyword” section. :slight_smile:


For new Sellers

  • Describe the gig well
  • Share gig on social media
  • Use videos and Images on gig
  • Use Buyers Request section

For Other Sellers


Very good points, but, in regards to the recommendations made for “New Sellers”, it is sometimes disappointing to use the “Buyers Request” section since many times it is the Buyers themselves who are posting their Gigs. It is still worth a try though. Thanks for your suggestions.


“Buyers Request” - You should read the complete request and then apply there. do not use blindly


Hello, you can promote your gigs via social media like FB, Twitter, G+ etc. Also sent buyer request daily


Promote your gigs in social media site.


Read this post.


Your points are really good for increase gig impressions.