How can i promote my gigs for sales


How can i promote my gig so that buyers can see it and order it.


The first thing you need to do is figure out WHO your target customers are. Then you need to figure out WHERE those customers are located. Once you know these things, then you go where your customers are located, and tell them about your gigs/services (via ads, forum participation, targeted social media, etc). Promoting your gigs isn’t going to be easy, but, then again, it shouldn’t be. If you are serious about making your gigs into a successful business, then you’ll be willing to work hard, every day to learn how to be successful, to do the market research required, and to establish your gigs as attractive services that people will want to hire you to complete.

Don’t expect customers without hard work.


The first thing you should be doing is make your gig attractive for the buyers. Second, you can promote your gig on social media websites or posting it on your own web; you could also try some relevant forums to attract buyers.

The main important thing is to be active on fiverr everyday. Check regularly or else your ranking will go down. I hope this will help you.

Happy earning! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the responses


What ranking? Where do you see a fiverr seller ranking?


By ranking I meant the search result that where your gig lies in that list.


Maybe he want to ask gig impression.