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How can i promote my gigs

Please promote gigs

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I’m a new member for fiverr. this is my new gig

but still i have no order.And my gig is not display.pls help me

@nirosh89 : next time, please try starting a new discussion instead of commenting to a ongoing discussion, if you have a non-related subject to the starter discussion.

first of all, it takes some time for the gig to appear. And also, have you checked whether your gig is suspended or active.

If you want to check if your gig is active, follow these guidelines.

go to “sales” and click it.

then go to “my gigs” and click it.

Now you should see your gig(s) with on the right side of the gig a star and a small arrow pointing down. If you click the arrow, you’ll get a drop-down menu where you can click “activate”.

Hope this helps.

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