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How can I promote my new gig better?


Hello Fellow Fiverrs!

I just posted my new gig on Fiverr and I’m looking for ideas on how to promote my gig better.

I read some of the suggestions but most of them I have already done. I know it’s still new and that I will need to have some patience, but does anyone have any advice for me anyway?

This is the gig:

Thanks in advance! :"3


Share your gig in any social media site such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. especially in relevant Facebook groups!

Comment with your link on relevant blog posts, in forums, etc.

Talk with friends and others who may be interested in your services.

Whatever you do, just don’t spam. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! :"3

I am always afraid that if I post it on my Facebook that people will become annoyed by it, so I am hesitant.

I will absolutely keep this in mind when I am posting about my gig!