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How can i promote my work

hey guys i’m mia,
i’m new here and i have no idea how to work fiverr. i am so confused about how to promote things and i need help but the the help i’m getting from the app is confusing me even more. can someone please help me with this?


You can promote your gigs on social media like facebook,twitter,linkedin etc and send buyer request daily to get orders.

omg thank you so much.

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Hello mia,

Welcome to Fiverr. Sure… I can direct you to some valuable resources and information that will definitely help you on your Fiverr journey. As long as you are willing to read through all of it and act on it, you will be able to get off to a wonderful start on Fiverr.

To being with, I think Paul’s awesome forum thread (specifically created to help newcomers like you and me) is a good starting point to learn about how to get started on Fiverr. Have a look-

The post is also divided into several sub-headings… So, if you are interested in only certain sections/topics such as marketing your gigs, you could skip through to that sub-heading and read the relevant forum posts under it. :blush:

Happy selling! :sunny:

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thank you so much this will be a huge help

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