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How can I push my gig?

Hello, community I‘m Rogger graphic designer. Actually I‘ve been creating some gigs but I don‘t know how to push my gigs? I mean, how can I go for any order? Based with your experience, how can I do better? I invited you to my profile I‘m so grateful if you‘d like to tell me some opinions ‘bout doing better my profile or gigs descriptions. Thanks for your time and reading this box.

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Rogger L


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Marketing your gig…


@aptotechnology No, he doesn’t want to pause his gigs, he wants orders.

@roggerl11 You could take Fiverr’s basic course “Online Freelancing Essentials: Be a Successful Fiverr Seller” and read useful topics on this forum.


Who asked about “pausing” their Gig? The guy wants to know how to get orders, not take his Gig out of circulation. LOL



sorry that was my mistake.


i understand…that’s was my mistake …thanks

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Things to do to get more orders on FiverrYou should keep an eye on.
First of all
Enough keywords and details in your gig. So that a buyer can get a good idea about your work.
Second is to give a beautiful gig image so that any buyer or buyer can be easily attracted. Add such photos to your fast page.

Third, use high keyword / value tags related to your service.
Stay active regularly. Send buyer requests every day and share more on social media. Hopefully orders will start coming soon.


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