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How Can I Raise My Gig?
hey guys?
How can I get my first order and promote my profile?


Hi Rehman – I’ve got a few tips for you! The gig looks great for the most part (I really like the bulletpoint lists), but there are a few grammar issues which could make a not so good impression on buyers. Firstly – you’ve misspelled “convert” in the gig title! This could be preventing your gig from showing up in search results. Also, commas should always be followed by spaces (so for example, “psd,xd,sketch” should instead become “psd, xd, sketch”. I know it seems really small, but these things add up in the buyer’s mind! It might be a good idea to capitalize the first letters in the filetypes also.

A gig video is always a great idea as it’s quite easy to do (you can even use your phone as a camera) and works really well for establishing trust with your buyer. Some people even think that having a gig video places your gig higher in the search results but that hasn’t been proven for sure :wink:

I think you could also remove the last 4 lines at the bottom of your gig description; the buyer should assume already that customer satisfaction is your first priority, since you’re a professional designer!

On the whole, though the gig looks great!

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thanks dear eoinb,I have done as you recommended me

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No you didn’t. Convert is still misspelled in your title and there a bunch of things you should be capitalizing that you haven’t. This is off-putting to a lot of buyers.

People aren’t going to be convinced you make “error-free” websites if you have errors in your Fiverr gig page.


thank you so much for your help!!!
I took look on it and correct the spellings

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You still aren’t capitalizing letters that need to be capitalized.

Always capitalize acronyms and capitalize the first word of every first sentence.


they are not capitalize, i have tried it

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What does that mean? Of course you can capitalize them. If you can’t, there is something wrong with your keyboard or computer and you need to fix that.

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check this out?
is it ok???
these are my gigs?
i can i promote them

i faced probelm to get my first order…
please help me???