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How can I rank Gigs on fiverr by using SEO?

How can i choose the titles keywords so that my gig will rank on first page ?


You cannot determine where your gig shows up in search results. The search system determines it’s own “ranking” based upon your gig performance. Be a great seller, who delivers top-quality work on time, and earns positive reviews, and you MIGHT show up higher in the search results.


sir i can determine where is my gig shows up on search result .

Just type in ‘’ 3d Mechanical Drawings ‘’ you will find my gig on first page .

btw this mine gig link :

and if you search key word ‘‘Solidworks’’ my gig will show up on 5th page


Fiverr does not allow sellers to manipulate the search results, therefore, you cannot guarantee yourself any specific search result “ranking”. Good sellers tend to rise to the top; poor sellers usually disappear from the top. Be a great seller, and your gig might “rank” higher in the search results. There are no titles or keywords that guarantee search placement.


have you searched the keywords which i have mentioned in above post ?

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No, I have not. Your keywords will help potential buyers find your services, but those keywords will not guarantee you any specific placement in the search system. The only way to “rank well”, is to be a great seller who earns better visibility.


can you evaluate my progress from out of ''10 ‘’. i started fiverr from January 2019 and its june now and i reached upto level 1 on fiverr .

No, I cannot. …

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You seem to have misunderstood what @jonbaas said. You can find out the current position of your gig by using Fiverr’s search. But that’s not what jonbaas was referring to. What he (probably) meant was that your gig’s position keeps changing constantly and that there’s no real way of knowing beforehand when and where (page #) your gig will move to next.

Contrary to what many people think, SEO and keywords do not have any effect on your gig’s rank. SEO and keywords will only help more customers find your gigs. But that’s not because of an improvement in your gig’s rank. Your gigs rank depends on your performance as reflected by your performance metrics, such as order completion %, on-time delivery %, response rate, and your overall rating.


Okay Thank you very much sir

OKAY SIR thank you very much

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Check this out: for helpful information.

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