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How can I rank my fiverr gig? What I need to do to get more order?


Hi! I provide logo design service. I am so much worried about my gig. Because I don’t get order on my logo design service for a long time. My logo design gig’s performance is decreasing day by day. I am totally depressed.


Have you done any marketing or promotion for your gig?


I share my gig on social site to get more clients, gigs impression, view & click. But this marketing isn’t working. I think I need to gather marketing skill also.


It doesn’t sound like you are connected to people who need logo designs on social media. You need to figure out where your target customers are located, and then go to those places, and show those customers how your design services can solve their design needs.


yes, this will help me to get more clients. but I also need to rank my fiverr gig. How can I do that? You’re also experienced. Can you give me any idea about it please?


Gig ranking only based on your performance and how excellent is service you are providing. There is no way to cheat fiverr algorythm for ranking.

And if you wouldn’t have been lazy you would’ve already found this :wink: I posted this exact picture and this exact same reply at least 10 times in a last couple of days.
No one else will do your job for you. Part of being freelancer is also spending time on educating yourself and how to use tools and which tools to grow your business


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