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How can i Rank my gig in search results?

Can anyone tell me how my gig search will show up first…???
I have received a very little order for last 2 months. Because my gig is not in search results


Your gig will rank higher in the search results according to how successful you are with your service, and how good you are at delivering what a client requests. Positive reviews usually raise a gig in the search results. Earn positive reviews.


I saw some of them are level 1 seller & their gig is on first page. how this is possible


That’s a question you’re going to have to ask Fiverr. :wink:



1st level sellers on recommended page because of there unique gigs.

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I am also a level 1 seller & my gig is unique but my gig never show in search result :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I think it`s all about your gig marketting

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Are you sure about what you said?

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You are not receiving Orders because your gig is not performing well comparing other gigs, Sometimes people sell so fast and they sell real high value custom gigs that can boost their rankings to go up for continuous big sales and pending orders and time of delivery is important factor to consider.
Gigs go up and down daily but great performing gigs are most of the time are UP and has higher chances to get featured on fiverr, Work more on your gig make it close to perfect,Send 10 request daily,Use marketing tactics to your offer so it would be hard to ignore,Stand out a bit,When buyer orders something make sure not to add extras but instead ask them to place another order, Can make a seperate gig for vector files if you are a designer that would be helpful collecting more n more reviews and rankings.


yes i am damn sure

Would you please tell me how to do gig marketing …???

Don’t worry about the search result. For beginners it never goes well (my personal opinion). Keep sending offers to buyer requests and get orders. I got onto Level-2 two weeks ago and made 65 sales. In my case, I made my 62 sales out of 65 by custom offers. Good Luck.


I wasn’t replying to you and your gigs aren’t unique either.

I am trying but never get any result :frowning:

My description is 100% unique

That doesn’t make your gigs unique. Even if your gigs are unique, there’re still tons of better ones so don’t expect many sales.

so tell me the hidden process how can i expect more sell

There is no “hidden process” will instantly bring you more sales. If you want to succeed, the only way for that to happen is if you choose to work hard, make your gigs captivating, and market and promote them to your target customers on a daily basis.

Nothing else will make you successful.

I a Level 2 seller but my gig is not showing in search engine

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