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How can i rank my gig on 1st page?

Please help,
How can I rank my gig on 1st page?

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There is no such thing as rank in the Fiverr search results. Your position will vary a great deal over time, depending upon your success as a seller, and your ability to meet or exceed your gig metrics.

Instead of trying to game a system that cannot be manipulated, perhaps you may find it more beneficial to just be a great seller, who earns positive reviews, and whom your target customers want to hire. Take the time to reach out to your target customers, show them how you can solve their problems, and be a seller they absolutely must hire.

Your success will require work, and it will take time to achieve.


@jonbaas Thank you so much

Please do not call me “brother”. I am not related to you. I am a fellow seller. If you need to call me something, I prefer that you use my username.


Hello, I understand why everyone wants to be on the first page. Unfortunately the reasons for some gigs being on the first page aren’t clear or easy to see.
There are probably over 12 or more variables that are totaled up by the algorithm and no one knows what they are. Even if we did know, they are not in our control.

If you have a gig that is well made and offer great service it may help a lot to get more visibility.


If you can make more money for fiverr then you will be on the first page with 47 others money makers gigs.

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While it is true for some gigs on the first page that they make a lot of money it’s definitely not true for all. Look at all the newer gigs on first pages which have very few reviews. These are not money makers.

Fiverr rotates gigs on and off of the first page in general to give as many gigs as possible a chance for success.

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Two of my gigs are ranked at top, I don’t know how and why. I have been sending buyer requests on daily basis, I didn’t do any magic yet my gig is at glory.

So All I can day, use relevant tags and send daily offers to buyer requests. That’s what I did and that’s all what I can say.

It is surely be different for someone help, maybe.


My gig is ranked and I learned recored in this Month of March. Maybe I got lucky in the quarantine. Who knows.


Its depends on your behavior mean to say if you reply fast order on time and lot of thing you done 100% i think fiverr rank our gig.


Use proper keywords on title, tags and description and must b active on

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There are only about 48 places for gigs on the first page. Yet everyone wants to be there and know the “secret” of how to get there. Not every seller can be on the first page of the search results. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have been involved in Forum threads where the members looked at the position of each others’ gigs. We found out that your gig placement varies. I looked for another poster’s gig and located it in a different place than each of the other members of the thread. So, even if your gig appears on the first page to you, it may not appear there to the buyer. :wink:

Also, if you look for your gig placement incognito mode, it will not be the same. So, someone may think their gig is located in a good position, but find that when they look for it incognito mode it is not. :roll_eyes:


This is a good point. It isn’t easy to figure out where exactly your gig is. Not many gigs sit at the top of the first page indefinitely like they used to a long time ago. I stopped looking for where my gigs are placed.


I did too. I think it is a waste of time that only new sellers seem to worry about. You are where you are and as Jon said,

That is my strategy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks All :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Dear, is that true? Can’t even guess where to start :thinking: :thinking:

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Yes, it is true.

Look for your gig, and ask a friend to look for it too using the same search term. Then look for your gig incognito mode. Most likely they will all be in a differnt place, even on different pages.