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How can I rank my gig on fiverr 1st page?

Hi dear, please anybody suggest me how can I rank my gig on Fiverr 1st page. I have enough knowledge of Keyword Research. and I provide that on Fiverr. I think I able to explain what I offer.
But I submit my Gig properly but I m stay on 9 pages for SEO KEYWORD RESEARCH and my target is 1st now tell me what can I do to rank on 1st page.

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@jamsedseo basically Fiverr algorithm we don’t know, but my selection need poper activity then your comp up your target


don’t know, but have some ideas about how you can improve your gig ranking
#1use social media to share your gig link
#2 use Buyer Requests to get more order
#3 proper activity on Fiverr


switch to buyer
search your services on fiverr
for example your services is logo design
first up you can search logo desighn.
up next check the top gigs and their titles and keywords
existing gigs help you to create your gig becuse top gigs is promoted gigs their freelancer used best titles and gigs.

than use your services keword in title and keyword and description must.
that is the best way to rank your gigs on fiver.


The common things you need to do to rank a gig are two basic things

  1. Fiverr algorithm
    your topic key word must be in
  • GIG title
  • GIG description
  • GIG tags
  1. Buyer attraction
  • your gig thumbnail should be more attractive or if i say it should describe your gig more then title.
  • you must have better reviews from recent order
  • Price should be reason able. Some people offer very low price that’s hard to believe and some prices seems too high expensive
  • Be kind and offer some discount while chatting with client
  • Never show you know everything. Be honest and keep focus on your services only
  • describe every condition before order to avoid dispute later

How can I have my Gig ranked higher?

Promoting your Gigs on social media, websites, or blogs is a great way to bring more traffic. The more traffic you bring, the more exposure you will receive in our marketplace. In addition, completing your orders in a timely manner and providing great service can affect your ranking. As long as you are doing well in these areas, your ranking will improve.

For more information on how to promote your Gigs, please see Promoting Services.

The above is from this article:


Short and sweet all are included. Thanks

I have 15k and are next to those with 2-3 on page 6.

Very difficult to understand. For almost 2 years now I try to bring it back to the first page, without any results, although I have 100-150 orders every 30 days.

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Did you edited your gigs when you were on the first page? I kinda experienced the same thing recently! Went from first page to 7-8

No.I’ve known this for a long time.

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Guys there is always a shuffle from fiverr. Sometime gig get down with no reason. That doesn’t means there is something wrong from you. shuffle is about 1 week to 3 weeks. But seller didn’t wait and keep editing gig. Keep remember this editing increase rank time

Fiverr search results are always different on every user screen. Forget about where you exist. Keep your eye on gigs stat. If they are fine and with green signal then OK