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How can I rank my gig on Fiverr?

Hello Everybody,

Anybody can tell me that how can I rank my gig on Fiverr that’s why I can sell my gigs?


You can’t rank your gigs.

Your answer can be found by reading the forum. Many people have already asked this question. You can read their topic posts to see what we’ve already told them. :wink:

But why? How could you know this?

Thank you so much jonbass

that may answer ur question

There are number of factors that influence gig ranking.
Some of them are:

  1. Keyword consistency - Use the same keywords in title, url, keywords and description
  2. Keyword difficulty - How many other people are trying to rank for the same keyword
  3. Number of sales/reviews for a gig/account
  4. Gig rating - Average review from 1 to 5
  5. Account status - New, 1st Level Seller, 2nd Level Seller or Top Seller.
  6. Gig status - Some gigs can be featured by Fiverr team
  7. Account age - When account was created
  8. Recent deliveries - If you have frequent deliveries in last few weeks then you’ll rank higher
  9. Video - If you have video it is a plus
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