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How can I rank my gig on the first page?

I made a new gig. Friends can you tell me how can I rank my gig on the first page and get more orders? Please check my gig and tell me where is the problem!! My gig link is below…
Thank you!!


First of all, have a look at your competitor gig, and then research keyword for your niche then create a gig by your services with proper description


best think to choose the right search words and good view of gig.

and later share it more and more


send link to all of your social media friends and groups . they will not only increase your impressions but if they need any work they will give you order.
may be they dont know about your talent and interests.
but after sharing your gig they will better know about you and then they will order to you instead of other persons.


another way to spend time in forums
more people with know you better and will keep contacts

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Thank you!! Brother for your tips…


Thank you for your important article!!

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Yes… thank you for your valuable comment!!

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