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How can I rank up my Gig?

Hi there, I’m a new seller at Fiverr. Would you please help me how can I rank up my gig? Please suggest me here.



Simple: Deliver great work, on time, that earns positive reviews.

There are no ways to cheat the system and be instantly seen at the top of the listings. You are going to have to earn your success.


Thanks dear for your kind response.

Hi richard500,

Ranking up your gig after reviews and delivering some top-notch highly rated work is afar from the initial stage, when you have to make a gig, Its totally new on the platform. Question arises,

How to attract buyer before thinking about ranking up the gig, This is something you got to grab first i.e. Gig Impressions & views for initial buyers attraction.

In order to attract buyers to a brand new gig,

  • you have to make compelling Title.

  • Then selecting corresponding metadata of the gig’s niche,

  • Then Using whole three packages in Pricing section

  • and then putting 120 worded Description, Which should be very clear & Comprehensive, It shouldn’t be less clear, It should be explanatory and in it, ``tell buyer why you are fit choice for them? Why You?, What will be your task-list, What benefits buyer would grab after hiring you? Why this service is important for their business? etc, If you have got experience, tell them in nutshell and use whole damn space of 120 words.

  • After that, put FAQ’s as much as you can, this would clarify to buyers that seller knows his/her work very well. Do not left any random confusion behind.

  • After FAQ’s put requirements as much as you think, you would be needed.

  • Last but not the least, Put best gig image, This is most important, Gig image pixel should be 682Wide and 459Height, not less not more. Gig image should be high quality, clear and catchy. Do not put any image from google, Make it, design it by yourself. It gotta be Unique and eye-catching.

These are some steps, which new buyers have to implement on a new gig making process, to attract buyers when he/she have no reviews.

Hope it would be helping.



But nobody wants to trust the new seller that’s the problem.I’m really very frustrated!


I am agree with that…why is that happend?


Your comments will benefit many people! Thanks


Not nobody, just few. And I’m really grateful to those few who do trust promising new sellers.

No matter whether you are new or experienced. Hard work pays off eventually.
Don’t play “senpai notice me” card. Just go out of your way and pitch your services to those who really need them.


thanks for the encouraging words …

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Thanks for this post. I hope it’ll be help me most.

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just focus on your work because some people are their who trust on new seller


Yes you are right sir . Please sir one time check out my gig

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There are many ways to rank your gig. Like doing social media marketing and fiverr is mostly like quora marketing as far as i know.

To get started you can see this post below. Here you will find many resources to get started

Good luck. Happy Freelancing. :slight_smile:


yes, you absolutely right.

it will help new seller like me


Promote your gigs do SEO send all 10 buyer request gain some review and one day you will be ranked have fun all the best… :slight_smile:


Definitely, you are right but I don’t have any proper idea how to marketing at Quora? Thanks for good response.

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How can gig SEO? Would you please help me out?

Thank you. I think there is a PDF in fiverr i saw some days ago. don’t remember, if you try you will find it.

Best of luck.

Then you’re going to have to find ways to convince buyers to trust you. Being a successful seller is YOUR responsibility. Trust is the most important element of what we do here are sellers. If you can’t build trust in your services, then why are you trying to work as a freelancer?

I will do no such thing, because this forum topic is not a place for you to demand assistance. And me taking a random look at your gig will NOT instantly make you successful. Please take the time to research and learn how to become a great seller. If you have questions, ask them in the right place. Your success is your responsibility. Do what you need to in order to build you business. Begging for eyeballs on your gig here on the forum is not the way to do that.

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