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How can I reach more people ;)

Hi, I’ve been working on Fiverr since 4 weeks ago, I got a lot of views and impressions. I even got 2 orders and 2 five star review, I’m glad to see it. But how can I reach more people and how can I make more money? Leave some suggestions, please.
Also, if I have some problems with my gig, give me some advice too, thanks.
Here is my gig, check it out:


Sharing your gig in social media

But I don’t have a lot friends in social media :frowning:

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Leave more comments below(plz)

hello xxxukeee
I hope everything is going well. you are on right track. because of 4 weeks 2 orders it’s a good sign of success. now you make sure 24/7 availability.
that’s all, I hope you will find your success shortly.

Thank you so much, I will do it better