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How Can I Reach My Services To More People?

Most of the new sellers of fiverr do not know how to reach there gig services to the targeted people? Although It is very long time process to someone and short time process to another who know the marketing strategy.

Who are very new to fiverr please let know them your idea to get more buyer.

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if it is true, everything is a question of marketing or most things. But what works for one person does not guarantee that it works for another. What works is to work every day in search of improvements and not surrender (publiicidad, improvements of gigs, Improvements of content, improvements of images and portfolio). because if they only wait for the customers to arrive everything will be twice as difficult.


Some people study marketing for 4 years in university. So unfortunately it’s impossible to put 4 years of knowledge in one forum post.

Our advice will be to search this forum for already given hundreds of advices.

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