How Can I reach Out To Client That Canceled their order with me?



I wanted to ask is there any way to contact a seller who canceled an order with me? I was running behind with their bulk order, and sent them a message to let them know that I was still working on it for them, and when I thought I would get it completed properly. Now mind you it was coming up to the expiration date, which was why I sent the message, so as not to lose them. Well they did not reply to the message, but instead canceled their order. The thing is I have some of the order finished, and wanted to send it over to let them know Hey I am working on it for you.

So , is there any way to contact the buyer after an order is cancelled? This was their first order with me and thus no message was sent between us,other wise I could have used that option instead. Thanks all who can help me with this.

I take these cancellations seriously and don’t want to get a bad reputation, but in these past 4 days I have gone from zero to 4 and that is only because one client agreed to wait for the extra time on her bulk order of 12 and she had split the order into 2 ,and so she hit canceled on both of them right after saying she would wait for the extra formatting etc that was requested. and now this one too.

Hope someone here can assist with how I can contact this particular buyer.