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How can I receive my earnings in my country's currency?


Hi there! This topic is adressed mainly to other Venezuelan (or living in) people who work and enjoy this awesome marketplace as much as I do :smiley: Off course, any feedback you have about this matter would be appreciated.

This is some of the info that I’ve collected so far:

  • Payoneer’s Fiverr Card service seems not available for my country.
  • PayPal idem.

I’m posting this under the sellers tips category hoping that the answers I get will be really helpful for my fellow countrymen :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance!


I am not from Venezuela but when you sign up with Paypal and you are ready to withdraw your money your currency is automatically set for your country which you get to select during the initial set up. I hope that helps.


payoneer is avalible now for Venezuela


You probably haven’t noticed but your reply is 3 years later!


better late han ever I guess :sweat_smile: