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How can I recover my denied gig? HELP!


I created my gig at December/2017. This gig performs better than other my all gigs. I Completed 30+ orders with (14) 5 Star reviews within just last 2 weeks of December/2017. But 2 hours ago (1/1/2018) I saw, Fiverr Community denied my gig for “Third-party TOS violation”. But my service is fully legal and Buyer satisfied.
Please give me the SUGGESTION. I am feeling very bad. It hearts me badly.


Gigs that are removed for violations are not eligible to be restored or edited.

Please take a look at the TOS:


Thanks for your reply. But this system is very bad because anybody can report anybody. as a result newbie were depressed by the fiverr community. I hate this process.


Yes, it can be frustrating. I’m sorry.