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How can i recover my fiverr account?

Hello there, i started work on fiverr about 1 month ago. and i follow their all rules as well. In the last 15 days i got two order. and fiverr send me a notification to verify my identify. i also submit my passport to verify my account on fiverr. But within 1 minute fiverr disabled my account. They send my account temporary disabled. Then i send them a message by email but they are not give me a solution. so i want to know why they disabled my account and how can i recover my account?

Thanks all


You should’ve gotten an explanation and a few emails about it.

Since it is a temporary account suspension, it will be recovered after the specified time. Check all Fiverr emails, including “spam” folder, there should be some Fiverr emails there, too.

I’ve seen some posts about sellers being suspended for the past few days, so it could be an error/issue at the moment.


Here is the email from fiverr

Well, that is totally different bam from the one you originally stated.

Your account was banned for breaking fiverr rules not for failing verification.
If you need answers you should reach out to support team


You should send a mail about your account. And you should want actual reason why your account was disable


He probably break the TOS or have multiple accounts. :wink: Fiverr doesnt disable you without a reason.

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