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How can I recover my gig rank after gig editing and order cancelation?

Hi! I am Mohammad Hossain. I am a professional digital marketer. I have published my Facebook Marketing Gig on March 2020 and have completed more than 42 order. I have gain 17 five star review from my buyers. My gig was staying on first page in fiverr on August 2020. But then I have to cancel 3 order due to my sickness. After that My order cancelation shows 86% and red color. Then I have not get any order for a long days. So, I had edited my gig description and pricing and change my category. As a result, I can not find my Gig in Fiverr. But my Gig shows active and when I search by category then I find my gig on 16 page. Please advice me how can I rank my Gig again and Find easily in Fiverr. Thank you.


sent buyer request and active on forum and marketing your gig then rank your gig again


Thank you so much for your valuable advice. Bro! can I complain fiverr support to find my gig? Moreover, one New seller copy my gig image and description. Is it the cause of my gig rank down?

The cancelation effect will remove after 60 days. Then your gig will rank again.

Thank you so much. :heart: :heart:

Fiverr customer support reply this:
Now what I have to do?

Same thing happened to me, everyone is copying me and my gig is not showing up anywhere and nobody is helping me:(

Same problem. Past one month, not getting enough orders, even clicks.

marketing and getting new order & more time active on fiverr forum…

be patient, Good luck

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Thank you so much for your valuable advice :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: