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How can I recover my money

Hello in this site one guy [fragglesrock] is phony he mixing my vocal with my instrumental track very poor quality like guy who don’t know how to do this so please help to me back my money i can back my money if order is like this uncompleted fragglesrock ?

here his mix - fragglesrock

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first of all you should not have used this guy, his ratings/experience is non existent. You can request a cancellation or ask fiverr to do if you are not satisfied with the work. I would like to hear what you sent him exactly. The end result is a mess as we all can hear, but i would like to know what he had to work with. your google search for “phony” is hilarious, i’m wondering did his username pop up. :)) :)) :)) If its any consolation, i could help you with your mix free of charge.

How can i ask Fiverr for cancellation this order ?