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How can I recover some of the money...?

Some time ago I ordered a website on December 7, 2015.

The website has 7 pages, I have asked for $ 8 / page + extra charge for a dynamic gallery accommodation and a backpanel where to upload pictures and details.
I sent the sketch how to look the website, description, sketch animated in flash, etc, etc.

Soon after, on January 9, 2016 I received site, I downloaded and I gave him positive feedback without checking website
What I got: a site where contact and registration forms were not working, dynamic gallery for which I paid $ 30 was not yet dynamic back panel does not exist.

Designer promised me a month free service and that solve every problem, but has not responded to messages and had to settle matters alone.
As I waited to make my website I started to learn html and php, so I was able to finish it alone.

Now I want the difference from $ 8 x 7 pages ($ 56) to $ 100 I paid as I him, meaning $44.

How can I do?

Thank you !

You can’t get a partial refund. You can send this problem to customer service to see if you can get a complete refund. I assumed you have complained to the seller and requested a refund and not heard from him. Send the message about this to customer support.

Very sad to hear.

I don’t think, you will get any refund now because its now almost 22nd days happened to go when you mark your order as completed.

You can only get refund within 14 days after completing the order via Customer support or by the seller’s consent.

That was sad. Don’t worry, karma will take him or her. You better trust good sellers just like me. hehehehhe

I tried to talk to him and waited for an answer from him before escalating the issue.
it seems I have waited too long.
I’ll try the customer support anyway.
thank you.

it is hard to know who is really reliable
For example I gave him 5 Star without checking the website, silly me.

Do you know if I can at least modify the review ?

I hope karma take care of my website :))

I would just contact customer service and explain the situation. It’s always worth a try even if it’s been a while

If you want to refund your money contact with customer support section of the fiverr.