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How can I refund my 'extras' but not my entire gig?


My buyer misunderstood my Extra and purchased it, but then later changed his mind. I delivered the gig, but to keep him pleased (since he misunderstood) I have decided to refund him the ‘extras’. He was very happy with the gig though, so he did not want a refund for that. Is there a way I could just cancel the extras?


Once an order is placed with extras you can’t then refund parts of the order it’s all or nothing I’m afraid. You could try and talk with the customer support team to see if there is anything they can do for you :slight_smile:



ask customer support. But why cant you make him accept?


Thank you both for the Customer Support link.

Mellycare: I always offer a customer satisfaction garuentee. If my buyer misunderstood my extra, then I feel obliged to refund him. I guess it’s just an aspect of my customer service. If they’re not pleased, I want to make sure that they don’t leave feeling ripped off.


you can request for mutual cancellation to cancel the order, and ask him reorder again without extra


Customer support will tell you to refund the order, it cannot be done in parts (unfortunately)


Refund him and ask him to reorder the gig without the extras! Good luck! :slight_smile:


That is one big gripe that I have always had. Why is it that you can add bits and pieces, but later you cant dismantle that same puzzle? Its no good! It should be adjustable and changeable instead of fixed. Needs changing.


I had a client purchase gig extras too without understanding them too. Since the orders were already complete I couldn’t refund them so I asked Customer Service and they refunded it for me. Maybe ask to see what they can do for you?