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How can I remove/ change my bad review to good?

Hello expert people!
I Hope everyone is fine :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m facing a problem!
I worked with someone client and I completed his requirement (A word file, what was he gave me at the beginning time) as well and I was dealing with him before starting the project. Then He gave me more requirement in the same budget So I said to him pls increase to your budget and it will affordable for me and I already complete your requirement.

Then He gave me 1.3 :disappointed: rates on my service and I felt disappointed :confused:
I worked with him others 2 projects in the past. he gave me 5 stars in that’s time.

How can I remove or change the review or what will be best for me?
Please give me your valuable suggestions

Thank you for Advance
Regards to you


You cannot edit ratings. Customer may not satisfied with the service, that is why they posted negative review.


You can’t change the review. You can’t even mention the word review, either to the buyer, or to Customer Support, or you risk getting an account warning.

Don’t mention review to your buyer, don’t ask them to change it, don’t try to find out why they’re unhappy… The way you describe your interaction with the buyer, it seems to me that, after giving you good reviews in the past, they now feel entitled to additional services at no extra charge. Either that, or the buyer is actually a team, you worked with someone good from the team in the past, and now you’re working with someone bad.

Either way, after a review like that one, I’d block that buyer.


I believe you could contact fiverr support with your story. They will analyze this, and if it matches this, they can remove this review (but can’t change to 5 stars).

It can be only removed if the buyer abused the rating system, but it competes to fiverr team decide this.

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Bro, its your bad luck. Next time better luck.
all the best :slight_smile: