How can I remove job-samples from my gig gallery?



Some of my “graphic gigs” contain samples of design jobs that I’ve done for customers, who ordered that gig from me ( on top of the three pics that I placed in my “gig gallery” ).

I’m not the one who chose which samples to show… The samples just appear automatically and they are not presented in proportion , so they don’t look good - As a matter of fact, they look ugly and they are just causing damage… How can I remove them ?

Thanks, Roni
Thanks, Roni


Hi Roni - you can’t I’m afraid.

Once an item’s in your portfolio, it’s there to stay. You do get the option when you upload the client’s delivery to choose which image you’d like to appear, so you do have control over it.

All you can do is to delete your gig - that’s the only way to get rid of unwanted items I’m afraid.