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How can I remove my Facebook linked account?

Hi everyone!

I’ve accidentally linked my FB account to Fiverr’s but I’m not able to remove it. I don’t even know how that got linked anyway. I’ve just clicked the FB icon to test it and there I am. I don’t want my FB account to be linked to Fiverr.

Anyway, does anybody know what’s the use of linking accounts if they aren’t visible to buyers?

Thanks in advance.


The links to social media are a way that Fiverr can check that you exist. They’re not for buyers - no communication outside Fiverr.

I expect you’ll have to remove the link from Facebook, not Fiverr. Look under “connected services” or whatever FB is calling it these days …


I’ll try it. Thank you for the support!

I’m an hologram… :relaxed: I have no social accounts… :sweat_smile:

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