How can i remove my previous payoneer account from my account and add new payoneer account?



I need help. My payoneer account block. that’s why I can’t withdraw my payment. Can you anybody give any tips how can i remove previous payoneer id and add new one?.

NOTE: I already contact with FIVERR call center/customer care. but I failed to solve my problem.

Thanks for help me.


If Fiverr support can’t help I’m afraid we can’t.

Additionally, did you contact the real Fiverr support center? They don’t have a call center.


I think yes, I contact fiverr customer care/support center. They said, It can solve only payoneer. that’s why I want suggestion what should I do.


Contact Payoneer support.


Yes Payoneer Support will help as its related to them not fiverr…


thank you for suggestion.


You should contact with fiverr team member.Their can be help you properly.