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How can i remove my warning

i don’t understand warning before get 2 warning, so now how can i remove this??

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Hmm :thinking:

Don’t leave out pertinent information.

What did you do to warrant a warning?


Check this out for all you need to know about warnings:


maybe my gig problem, that was deleted from fiverr. dont know why

thank you for your suggest

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Fiverr usually sends a message to users when their accounts are blocked. What did Fiverr say in the message they sent you?


Hmm, OK.

So, what service were you offering? It’s almost my bedtime :sleeping: and I’m too tired to navigate to your profile!


i also visit your profile, voice is very nice. it’s your voice?

yes! but just told me, i have to break their rules, TSO VIOLENT , THAT’S IT

It’s rude of you to ask something like that.

It’s like asking “Hey, are you an honest seller, or did you steal the voice sample from someone else and are now lying that it’s yours?”


Please Check This Link :-

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remove account and learn first :slight_smile:

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I don’t think you can, but if you believe it has been a mistake, you can contact the Customer Service and explain/ask about it.

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thank you for your suggest

thank you for your suggent

You can’t remove warnings manually.
After 60 days Warning will remove automatically!
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Warnings stay within your Fiverr account and can be seen by Fiverr staff forever!


@princeraj580 Warnings are forever. It is just after 60 days you do not see them on your stats.