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How can I remove the automatic examples from my gig gallery?

Hi guys.

I’m kind of new here, so I’m not sure if this is even possible. But this was what I got from the support (I’m going to copy the conversation here):


There is real examples showing up in one of my gigs, but I don't want that. And as I google it, I got the feeling that the only way to fix this is to contacting with support.

Can someone help me to remove ALL the real example of my gig? Actually they are only two. Here is the number of each one (if that help for something):


By the way I already disabled the option on "MY GIGS" section, but I guess that option only works for incoming orders. It would be great that we have the option to change that by ourselves on each order page.

The live portfolio feature is set up as default for certain categories and cannot be disabled. Please note that your buyers are able to hide the work sample on their side when posting the review.

I mean that's really sad that the super feature is mandatory in some types of gigs. But anyway, here is the rest of the converstion:

Me: (again)
But I'm kind of new so I have a lot of questions. For example, why A LOT of authors with the same kind of gigs don't have this option and nothing is showing up.

It's most probably because their buyers didn't want to share the gig work sample with others so they (buyers) hide it. The same can happen if the files are delivered in zip.

So, there is at least one way to remove that example images from my gig? I guess that there's at least one way. Anyone has some experience with this?


Customer support can’t change the way Fiverr has been set-up, only work within the system. It is what it is, and you’re just going to have to accept that.

Your post leads me to ask: why on earth do you want to take down your work samples on a gig selling graphic work? Don’t you think having more examples for potential buyers to view is better? It can be a way to show your range of talents to someone who doesn’t know you at all, except through your work.

If you don’t want your work to be posted, and you can’t turn Live Portfolio OFF, then you’ll have to delivery your gigs in zip files, as suggested by CS.

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Thank you for your answer. You have some good points there.

The main problem is the way the system works. For example, on one of my last deliveries I sent to the buyer a rough sketch of the work that I was doing. Next I delivered the finished design. But guess what? The system put on my gallery the first version that I sent and it looks like a joke. Look for yourself:

It is the one that says BIRMINGHAM HOLISTIC. That was not the final version, but it is there and I don’t want to. So, yes, I was my fault. But that “feature” it is a pretty limited thing, don’t you think?

And yes, I do want to show to buyers with real examples, but doing it in a ordered way. It’s better to show 4 perfect examples than tens of regulars. So, if I want to do it, I want to do it manually.

The .ZIP file delivery is a great tip, although I think that we should not have to use a trip to filter what designs are showing up on the gallery, but well, as you said, the system is what it is.

But in this specific case, there is absolutely nothing to do? Really?

I mean what happen if a buyer doesn’t want his logo appearing on my gallery and by a mistake turn on the check box to do so???

There are anything that the buyer can do???

Thank you

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Yes, I saw the sketch, but I recognized it for what it was immediately: a rough sketch to show the buyer! But of course the finished product would be preferable. I’m not sure how much CS is able to intervene with the work samples gallery, but in the example you give (buyer mistakenly lets it be shown), the buyer could try filing a report with CS and asking them to take it down.

Here’s why I’m not sure how much the techs can make changes in this area: once I was updating my gigs, and my primary, main gig ended up denied by an editor, saying it was too similar to my other gigs. Technically, that’s true; I make little stuffed animals, and in response to buyer requests, I posted gigs for more little animals but by type (i.e. “dogs”, “cats”, “fish”). But my general stuffed animal gig had dozens of work samples and when I explained to the editors why I really wanted the main gig back, they agreed and reposted it…but all my work samples were gone! And the techs said they couldn’t recover them. I have to assume they have no access to stored backup files, but still…

Now your situation is different, and it seems to me CS COULD take that photo down, but maybe for some reason they can’t. All you can do is ask, and clearly state why, so they understand. (That CAN work, after all, I got my gig back up after being denied by begging nicely~)

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Hey @marianamarin! I’m not sure if you noticed this when you replied, but this post is 7 years old.

I would recommend creating your own post with your question as you’re likely to receive more answers that way. Thanks!

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