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How can i remove the images that i have added recently to my gig?


I have recently addaed two images to my gig. Now i want to remove it, and unable to find the way. Please help.


Just add new images on top of the ones you already have. They will be replaced by the new ones. So go to each upload button on the extra images and upload new pics.


And what if we just want to delete the images and have no other image to replace?


I still don’t get this… They should upgrade their interface. lack of options kills your valuable time.


In the current version of Fiverr interface’s gig edit page just hover over the image and at top edge of the image you will see the image title and at right side a delete button on the left side. Delete whatever you want to delete. Even the first picture can be deleted. Cheers.


With the new version (V2) I have no problem removing/replacing images (with the old version it was a nightmare). Just follow the instructions posted by dotcomlog, that works well L-)


I have tried this method as told by dotcomlog. But no result and images is not going to delete.