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How can i remove the paypal account from fiverr?



the paypal is not available in my country so i decided to use my uncle’s paypal , who is living in UK . but when i came to know that i can also withdraw my payments using payoneer then i start withdrawing my payments using fiverr revenue card. now i want to remove my uncle’s paypal becuase i dont need it.

how can i remove it now.
help me in this please

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Hi, write and ask customer support this question since they are the ones who know the answer.


thank you misscrystal


Go to settings, Account settings you will see an option which says change paypal address. It will ask you for the answer to your security question. After that, you can then change your paypal address.


thank you :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. Hope you were able to change it


this method does not work for me (a seller account)


Go to setting then billing then there is an option to change your mail